A Predator and A Psychopath by Jay Kerk

Books in Series: N/A

Standalone: Yes, though left open for a sequel

Published: July 10, 2019 / self-published

Genres: Horror / Suspense / Thriller

Pages: 277

Source: Free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4/5 stars ★★★★


"The plot is graphic and unapologetic....a novel for those who really have the stomach," Readers' Favorite. 

After Jason is committed to a mental institution, he begins to uncover things he never knew before or things his mind shut out to protect him. Under the care of the facility's doctors, he finds himself questioning what's real and what's not. What is the truth? What happened to him? Is his mind playing tricks on him? 

Wait a minute, what happened to his wife, Lisa? Where is Lea? Why can't he remember what happened?

Meanwhile, Jerry is dangerous and unpredictable. He envisions a world where boundaries are broken down and he is free to enforce his narcissistic belief that he has a divine mission. Technology allows him the freedom to use his position of trust to play with people's lives.

An explosive ending that is anything but expected, forgive yourself for shuddering throughout and after you close the book

Drawing inspiration from real cases, and with well-researched, realistic characters, A Predator and A Psychopath is not for the soft-hearted.


WARNING: This book is NOT for the faint-hearted. It is filled with disturbing imagery and is basically a look into the mind of a psychopath. There is rape, murder, kidnapping, and pedophilia. It's a very harsh reminder of the horrors in the world.


The book follows two men, Jason and Jerry.

It is told in parts, with Part 1 being Jason's perspective, Part 2 being Jerry's perspective, etc. There are 5 parts.

Jason wakes up in a mental facility with no recollection of how he got there.  He last remembers being at work a few days before at a prestigious, profitable corporation.

His doctor reveals he has been a patient for months, and that when things become too much for him, his memory suddenly blanks because his body is trying to protect him.

Eventually, Jason finds out that his wife and daughter were murdered and his son is missing.

Jason was in the room with the bodies so the police believe he did it. The son is missing, but the police suspect that he murdered his son and hid the body.

Jason doesn't remember any of this happening. He is declared incompetent to stand trial and is admitted for treatment of what experts believe to be disassociated identity disorder (in Jason's case, a second personality).

Jason loved his family and doesn't believe he would have harmed them. The story illustrates his journey in uncovering the truth of what happened to his family.

Jerry is a twenty-something year old sex addict with a taste for young girls. He considers himself "elite" and "hyper-sexual" and masturbates 4-6 times per day, in addition to any sex he has with girlfriends. He is looking for a girl/young woman who can keep up with his urges.

Jerry feels like age maturity laws are a recent abomination, and are not how his ancestors in history (or other modern  countries, even) treated fertility. In his opinion, whenever girls had their first periods, they were ripe for mating, and that underage laws are ridiculous.

He is a "maintenance man" at several apartment buildings, which he installed cameras in so he can watch young tenants in their apartments without their knowledge. He also talks to people on the deep web who encourage his need to spread his seed and build an "elite" community of hyper-sexual individuals like himself.

Jerry's story follows his descent further into madness, and features, sex, manipulation, obsession, and stalking. Jerry is a true predator, and the story does a great job putting the reader in the middle of his insanity.

Favorite quotes:

  • "I belong to the elite hunters. In every tribe, in every nation, my ancestors fought savagely to protect their group. Nowadays, they have no more use for us. They’ve replaced us with tanks and drones. We’re castaways. But the drive remains within us, the few of us left. We have a massive lust, we’re hungry to mate and multiply, thirsty for blood."
  • "If I could get one message across the world, it would be: 'Lady Death is sweet but misunderstood. When she visits you, she is eternally tender and soft. She does not inflict pain. She relieves you from the suffering. Embrace her as if she is your savior.'"
  • "Tell me what you fear, and I tell you who you are.
    I fear nothing. I loathe weakness; I prey on the frail; I befriend death."

Final thoughts:

I feel like I need to give an obligatory warning -- this book has darkness to it that could be a trigger for some people.

WARNING: There is a dark theme with sex addiction, underage sex, rape, and murder.

I don't mind a good dark theme, but this book was hard for me to stomach. Consider it a horror-suspense book.

If you can stomach it, it's a fascinating, horror-filled read. But know what you're getting into before diving in.

Overall, it's a good horror read.

I gave it four stars because sometimes characters just appeared out of nowhere like we were supposed to recognize them (i.e. Jerry went from dating Vickie to dating Melanie without any introduction about Melanie). Also, some of the train of thought seemed random/out of place in some locations, like it wasn't something I thought the character necessarily would think about.

Jason and Jerry's stories are both fascinating, though there are unanswered questions at the end.

It is definitely an interesting look at the twisted mind of a predator.

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