The Purple Door District by Erin Casey

Books in "The Purple Door District" Series: Ongoing - 1 currently released

Standalone: Yes

Published: December 15, 2018 / self-published

Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, LGBT Fantasy

Pages: 211

Source: Free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 5/5 stars ★★★★★

Bianca was supposed to attend art school in Chicago, not run for her life from Hunters. The only chance she has to survive is to find The Purple Door District, a safe haven for a parahuman like herself. When she stumbles upon a magus named Gladus and a fellow avian named Carlos, she thinks she's found safety. But the Hunters are relentless, as is the dark force driving them. 

Vampire, werewolf, avian, magus

It's up to the parahumans of the Purple Door District of Chicago to put their differences aside to save Bianca and stop a dark threat from destroying their peaceful community.   


What a fantastic debut novel!


This book features a unique world filled with shifters (parahumans) and magic. The atmosphere is excellently explained, and there is a nice mix of modern day technology with magic.

Our heroine, Bianca, is a werebird whose sister was just murdered; before she died, her sister told Bianca to find refuge in a place called "The Purple Door District." Bianca has been on the run for days, chased by the Hunters who killed her sister. She finally arrives in Chicago with Hunters close on her heels, but she manages to find the Gladus, the Violet Marshall for the Chicago Purple Door District.

The District is a safe place for parahumans where discrimination is highly discouraged. Humans tend to dislike parahumans, and often seek to hunt them for sport, which is why Bianca believes the Hunters are chasing her.


The Purple Door District character art

We meet a diverse cast of characters, including werewolves and vampires in addition to the werebirds. The characters feature a great variety of ethnic minorities, and the author does a great job demonstrating the eclectic group that is the District.

Gladus is a powerful magus who protects the District from negative outside forces such as Hunters, and who keeps the peace among the District's residence. Gladus offers to take Bianca in and to help her find an avian family because werebirds need a family to blossom and be happy.

The characters are all excellently developed and easy to like (or dislike, as villains go...I'm looking at you, Trish).

Patyah is hands-down my favorite. I hope to see more of that werewolf in future books!


A very unique plot with an unexpected villain.

This is dual POV that switches clearly between chapter breaks between a few different characters. I think we're in everyone's head at some point. It's a little disorienting at first, but you quickly get used to it -- stick with it!

There is a lot of magic, which is pulled from "The Ether" in this book. There is teleportation, telepathy, inner creature halves that interact with their human halves (i.e. birds, wolves, etc.)

Bianca believes Hunters are chasing her for sport but it soon becomes clear there are even more sinister intentions at work.

I did not see that ending coming!

This book is action-packed and full of magic, conflict, and adventure.

There is a hint of LGBT romance toward the end, but there is not much romance in the main storyline.

Favorite quotes:

  • "I suppose that once we stop hating each other because of color and origin, we start finding other ways to despise one another.”
  • "Just a stupid girl with stupid dreams."
    "I hear stupid dreams are some of the best ones if you know how to follow them."

Final thoughts:

I loved everything about this book. I would never have guessed it is a debut novel.

There is excellent world building, fantastic characters, and a great story. The story is smooth with an interesting plot and great voice.

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The second book in The Purple Door District series should release in December 2019.

In exciting news, The Purple Door District has been nominated for the Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Award! Good luck, Erin!

You can also visit Erin's website here.

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