Bloody Fairies by Nina Smith (Shadow Series Book 1)

Books in Shadow Series: Ongoing - 4 currently released

Standalone: No

Published: June 11, 2014 / self-published

Genres: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Goth Fiction

Pages: 284

Source: Purchased via Amazon

Rating: 5/5 stars ★★★★★

Death. Blood. War. SPARKLES.

Bloody Fairy Hippy Ishtar's new best friend is a crook, her first boyfriend is evil and a vampire just licked her face.

She doesn't care. She's hunting a fabled weapon that could end a war and save her tribe. Gangsters, treasure thieves, separatists and a very nasty vampire aren't going to stop her - but she'll be up to her neck in trouble when her alliance with the ancient and powerful muse king goes really, really bad.

There's just one thing nobody's counted on.

Bloody Fairies are very, very good at being bad.

Bloody Fairies is the first volume in Shadow, a dark comic fantasy series about fairies, vampires, muses, magic, dodgy science and a weapon that could plunge two worlds into a fate worse than war.


The plot is fairly unpredictable due to the nature of a bloody fairy and fairies in general. The story starts with the fairies and muses battling with the vamps, who are slowly overtaking the world of Shadow. Bloody fairy Hippy is convinced to help muse king Pierus, recover an artifact that will drive back the vamps and save Shadow. Only a fairy can touch this artifact due to its origin, but no fairy would ever help Pierus obtain it due to an intense dislike for him--until Hippy, who everyone says was dropped on her head as a baby. The story has a fascinating, whimsical cast of characters, and is set in a magical world where anything can happen.

I absolutely adore Fluffy Ducky. I have two pet tarantulas myself, though sadly neither are useful when it comes to attacking vamps.

Favorite quotes:

"Simple creatures, humans. Give them a cause and they’ll paint, they’ll write, they’ll bleed and they’ll die for it.”

Final thoughts:

I loved everything about this book and the series. It's one of my favorite fantasy worlds. Check it out on Amazon!

You can also visit Nina's website here.

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