Shiny Things by Nina Smith (Shadow Series Book 3)

Books in Shadow Series: Ongoing - 4 currently released

Standalone: No

Published: September 10, 2016 / self-published

Genres: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Goth Fiction

Pages: 304

Source: Purchased via Amazon

Rating: 5/5 stars ★★★★★

When an ancient evil crashes her book launch, debut author Krysta Ishtar must trust in the dubious protection of an unstable champion and flee to a world she never believed in - a world where her destiny is written in a forbidden book and her death warrant is already signed.

Thrown into the centre of a desperate power struggle in a land in the grip of a madman, Krysta must survive a bloodthirsty army, psychiatrist vampires, a giant spider, exploding fetches, a homicidal teenage fairy and a family reunion...

But even the muse champion may not be able to save her from the deadliest peril in all Shadow:


Shiny Things is the third book in the dark comic fantasy series Shadow, and introduces a heroine who could one day save all of Shadow - if she doesn't break it first.


Book 3 in the Shadow series follows Hippy's daughter, Krysta (who is an unheard-of half bloody fairy, half muse who was raised in Dream) as she navigates her way through the unfamiliar world of Shadow. This book has action and adventure galore! In this book, you find out what happened to king Pierus and the muses and vampire king Rustam Badora.You also meet the oh-so-wonderful pixies for the first time. They are most definitely a unique pixie race...never heard of pixies like them before.

The curse placed on Pierus is very funny. Not as funny as Nikifor's bombastic curse, but still very amusing.

Favorite quotes:

  • And then his voice boomed through the night. “Are you okay, my spicy little bag of spaghetti? I was afraid the Moon Troopers would tear out your throat and drain your life blood before we got to you!”
  • “Those vampires pursuing you are Moon Troopers, my little slice of orange cake!” Nikifor boomed.

Final thoughts:

This book is another great installment to the series. I absolutely adore Nikifor and hope to see good things happen for him. That bombastic curse is the best.

If you haven't read it yet, go buy "Bloody Fairies: Shadow Book 1" and buckle in for the entertaining ride.

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