The Last Blasted Fairy by Nina Smith (Shadow Series Book 4)

Books in Shadow Series: Ongoing - 4 currently released

Standalone: No

Published: January 17, 2018 / self-published

Genres: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Goth Fiction

Pages: 271

Source: Purchased via Amazon

Rating: 5/5 stars ★★★★★

It has been one month since muses and fairies allied to topple the muse king from power. But the new peace is uneasy, and Shadow's troubles are far from over: blood has been spilled on the Apple of Chaos. Purple lightning cracks between the worlds - and somebody is murdering muses. 

Far from the unrest, Blasted Fairy Fizz Pop has her own problems. Stealing a magic chaos crystal might not have been the best idea, but accidentally blasting holes in space and time with it isn't helping either. She and her raggedy new forest man are up to their ears in vampires, murdered muses and angry ex-wives...

But it is the scarred, hooded stranger who stalks them through Shock Forest that could either save - or destroy - the last of the Blasted Fairies, and all of Shadow.


Book 4 of the Shadow series continues to wow its readers with the fantastic world that is Shadow.

The storyline is told from several points of view, which switch at clear breaks between chapters. The readers sees through the eyes of Emerald, Nikifor, and new character Fizz Pop as they set off on another adventure to try to stop the madness brought forth by King Pierus and the Apple of Chaos. In this edition, we find out more about the origin of muses and their beloved muse keys.

We meet new characters, such as the mysterious Mort, but a familiar cast of characters also appears throughout.

Favorite quotes:

  • "Krysta, my little cauldron of fire!" Nikifor boomed.
  • Also, "Krysta, my little ham sandwich!"
  • "You don't look dead," Pan pointed out.
  • "Emerald wanted to punch someone.
    Preferably Nikifor, for giving her this damn piece of Apple to guard when he knew good and well she wanted nothing more than to be away looking for her husband, not being frogmarched back to Shadow City by a pack of muses who looked like they’d all swallowed pepper and washed it down with lemon juice.
    Nikolai needed a punch in the face too."

Final thoughts:

Great read!

I'm genuinely in love with Nikifor. He is such a quirky, strong, selfless character. He overcomes all odds and continues forward for the good of the muses, no matter what the cost to him. And that bombastic curse is a riot! I hope to see good things for him later in the series.

This series continues to hold the #1 spot as my favorite fantasy series, and I look forward to Book 5.

If you haven't read it yet, go buy "Bloody Fairies: Shadow Book 1" and buckle in for the entertaining ride.

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