Andy Biersack's debut graphic novel "The Ghost of Ohio" hit shelves in April 2019.

The Album ★★★★★

Andy is lead singer for the band Black Veil Brides. He developed a solo career under the stage name Andy Black. This graphic novel has an accompanying album, also titled "The Ghost of Ohio," recorded under the Andy Black moniker.

The album gets a hands-down 5/5 stars from me. I saw him live on the Ghost of Ohio tour, and Andy rocked it -- even only a few weeks after having his appendix removed. Phenomenal live show. I can't wait to see what's next for Andy's solo career.

The Book ★★★★

Here's the content of my Amazon review:

I'm giving this 4 stars because it's Andy Biersack's, and I love Andy. Anyone else would probably get 3 to 3.5 stars from me.

The graphics are really good. I enjoyed the art style.

The story follows our ghost as he exacts revenge upon the unsavory characters known as "The Order." The Order killed him because he stood up to them. The woman he loved cried over his corpse; her tears turned him into a spectre. Subsequently, anytime The Order starts meddling in things they shouldn't (think oppressive, evil things...they're jerks), the ghost appears so he can intervene.

The story jumps through the years abruptly, with the ghost not having a consciousness (or remembering it anyway) between events.

The book's got a lot going for it in addition to the fact that it's Andy's brainchild. It is action-packed with lots of fights and includes a few semi-gruesome scenes. And the art is good, like I said.

I love Owen's character!

Plus, the Andy Black album that goes with it is phenomenal. I'm a huge fan of Andy's music, both solo and BVB. He's one of my favorite vocalists. 🎶💕🎶

There are a few typos, but they're pretty minor.

I know this is Andy's first graphic novel, and overall it's not bad for a first attempt. I love the concept.

But I'd like to see a little more detail story-wise in any future books. This one jumps around a lot, and is a really fast read...took me about an hour.

Also, there is a page full of "-H64-" surrounded by music notes and I have no idea what that means... it pulled me out of the story so I could look it up, but I came up empty on searches and am still not sure what it stands for -- unless it's a printing error? Pic attached.

I'm left with too many unanswered questions about this book and would like to have received more detail on a few topics. I'm an avid reader and am all about the details. A little elaboration would have easily made this 5 stars.

All that said, it's still a great first effort and worth adding to your bookshelf!

(Andy, if you read this, I'm willing to beta read the next book! 👍)

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