Malaki Mayhem by Ashley Craig

A proclamation; mass banishment; a royal impostor...

Ela awakens alone with complete amnesia in the midst of a magic-filled kingdom. Woodland fairies give her shelter, but eventually rumors begin circulating about a royal proclamation that will banish all non-fairies from the kingdom. This obviously affects Ela, who believes herself to be human.

Soon after the proclamation, Ela discovers she is not "Ela" at all, but is actually Queen Ara -- someone stole her memories and her crown! And now they are threatening her citizens!

Ela and her companions must convince King Phoenix that she is the real queen and that an impostor sits beside him, recover her memories and powers, then uncover the mastermind behind this mass banishment and stop them for good. Challenging enough tasks, anyway, made even more difficult by her amnesia.

Can this blue-haired former queen and her companions meet the challenge?

Experience a wide variety of magical, mythical creatures (including Malaki) in this unique fantasy realm!

Contains strong language and PG-13 situations.

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Coming soon:

"From the Dark Side: Rumpelstiltskin" coming soon in a folklore retellings collection from Publisher Crystal Peake.